Monday, 5 September 2016

Not Photogenic

Photographs often just don't do any justice to certain folks. The stillness doesn't allow for the capture of the true essence of their appeal and beauty. You can't see, for example, the magnetic gumption in their walk, or hear the sweet whistle of their breath, or sense the velvet of their skin. You can't touch the jawline as it bathes in the shadow of a dying moon, or enjoy the view of a conversation as it leaves that luscious mouth, nor can you smell the musk of their imposing body, or dance with the fluidity of their hands as they gesticulate and emphasize with little bounces of glee.
Some people hide their beauty within motion; like a deceptive little surprise that only the worthy can find, and which a photograph cannot dare to capture.

You cannot restrict such beauty within the two dimensional bounds of a printout because it is like the thunderous waves that crash over the patient shores of the seas- uncontainable and untameable.

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