Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Whole New World

After a great deal of introspection and an unconscious hiatus from everything creative that I assume myself to be capable of doing, I am back to my beloved blog. It feels like I have done a great deal of living in the past few months, and certainly a great deal of decision making.
The whirlwind that has swept over me in the first half of 2016 has been an utterly eventful and memorable one. I could call it tumultuous for all the storms that my ship has faced, but then the waters have also been kind and given me ferry-rides to such happy shores that I have pinched myself and wondered if it's just a dream.
Professionally, I find myself in a somewhat stable situation for the first time since I graduated from dental school. It is an exceptionally gratifying experience for me to hit the bed every night knowing that my vertebral column has really earned a night of rest after a day of hard work. It has taught me to respect professionalism far more than I ever did before and also opened my eyes to that tiny glimmer of possible future success. My confidence levels feel like they're on an upswing, and that definitely calls for a knock on wood, I'd say.
Life is good, however it is. Let me learn to finally say good things about it without worrying about jinxing my time- something I have never truly learned to do before. I do an honest day's work and come home to a family which accepts me and my hundred flaws. It feels a bit hard for me to believe that there is an impending change of address and name that is coming my way within half a year, but I suppose this is what they call excitement and not nervousness. 
So yes, like I said, life is good, specially when you've put a ring on it.