Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Pursuit of Happiness

Is it a dream that I see at night while the air conditioner blesses me with gushes of cool delight and the blanket caresses me with friendly warmth? Or wait. Is it actually a parallel universe whose blurry glimpses I'm only allowed in that state of minimal consciousness which doesn't allow reasoning or gravity or that pedantic sense of human logic to overtake the power of imagination?
A child will hear stories and believe with a casual faith that dragons exist, that man can grow albatross wings and fly over oceans, that puppies can talk to you in English. But a grown person will readily discount these things and call it balderdash. Why does our imagination suffer such a horrible and unfortunate blow as the years take their toll on us? Is this resistance to accepting miracles and possibilities of a world beyond our understanding the reason we end up with wrinkles on our skin and voids in our hearts?
You won't easily come across an unhappy child- they find joy even amidst poverty, hunger and disease. But an unhappy adult lurks around each corner like a surly creeper hiding from the sun.
I have always maintained that the importance and value of good imagination must never be underestimated or forgotten.  Don't live in a make-believe world, but believe in the possibility that you can, in fact, make a world worth being happy in. Because after all, everything in this life is dedicated to the pursuit of happiness. Our time is short, but our powers are infinite; let us broaden our minds like the elastic bags that they actually are and fill them with dreams of laughter.