Thursday, 23 March 2017


A home is a giant heart
With space
Big enough to house
The coldest of souls,
The sharpest of tongues,
The loneliest of monologues-
And turn it into a warm feast
Which waits for you
Even when you're late
And even when
Your fury has burnt the meat
And soiled the linen.
I had a noisy home-
Sounds of phantom crises,
Gypsy whimpers and mumbles
About a clothesline,
A rain cloud, a sprouting dahlia,
A falling tooth, a new pencil,
A new melody discovered
By an unplanned accident.
Mighty pillars of adamantine
That could withstand
The loudest of rows
And the harshest of storms-
You couldn't underestimate these-
Our home stood upon them.

I left it behind with a change of surname,
And a timid confidence
That told me that I
Would survive, indeed,
For I had nearly the same
A giant heart,
Gypsy noises,
Phantom crises,
And a new addition in the form
Of your friendship,
Background cheer,
Morning kiss,
Parting hug,
Humorous commentary,
Kind support,
And undying love.
There would be a new home,
And I told myself
That we would be fine-
Not everyone is blessed enough
To be able to walk into the sunset
Hand in hand
With the other half of your soul.