Friday, 17 April 2015

Summertime Sadness

Last week, with a loud and unattractive thump on my door, summer arrived. With a musty suitcase and an unkempt mane of sunshine and perspiration, this annual guest of mine entered my world as I cringed at the thought of those severely hot afternoons we would have to endure and those balmy nights which were bound to make each of us crave for merciful respite.
The temperature enjoyed its steady climb up the thermometer over this past week, as I found myself falling prey to those very working-girl-woes which we all undoubtedly have. I'm sure I can't possibly be the only one on cyberspace to be cribbing about having a horrible boss; there have got to be others like me who get pushed and prodded around-both metaphorically and otherwise-by their superiors at work in that very silent, snarky, camouflaged style which hits you without warning or sensation. You realize that you were mistreated well after your day is over and you're back home with a cup of green tea for company; the realization is unpleasant, like a cube of stale cheese, because this suddenly explains why you've been feeling so annoyed all day despite the lack of anything 'bad' happening to you.
I was speaking to my best friend today about how they should have taught us how to deal with the real world back in college so we could enter it with some preparation and gusto, instead of being the insipid little lab-rats we're proving to be with every passing day.
The real world hits you like a giant red truck with no brakes, square in the face, and yet if you're lucky, you'll have that one person by your side who watches it all unfold with a stoic resilience and solid support that you grow to depend on with each passing second.
It all boils down to that companion.
I'm glad I have mine, through summer, through the rains, through the winter winds, and through those spring nights that pass by quicker than you knew time could pass.