Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Scandalous Views On Weddings/ Marriage

I have always been someone immensely fond of celebrations, parties, fireworks, weddings and the like. The idea of meeting long lost cousins and uncles and friends at social gatherings such as the aforementioned ones always used to excite me. Good food, good music, good clothes, good company-- it all spelled perfection to me. So to put it simply, I was always a fan of everything lavish and "big".
And yet suddenly I find myself at this stage in life where I know for a fact that if/ when I ever choose to get married (I'm rolling my eyes), it's going to be a couple of signed pieces of paper followed by a long holiday away from civilization.

It amuses me in a grotesque way how much money goes into planning a wedding. Perhaps because I just returned from a fortnight of mad partying and celebrating, I seem to have deeper insight than I did before.
You could accuse me of being a girl who doesn't respect tradition and customs, and that would be a fair accusation to make, going by my seemingly scandalous declarations, but I'd simply say to you that it's a deeply personal choice to make. I wouldn't want to remember my wedding day (if at all that ever even arrives!) as an atrocious explosion of the family's funds.

I sound miserly and cheap and disrespectful, I know.

Maybe it's just the falling economy and the rising rates of inflation that's drawn these conclusions from me, but it seems to make sense to me somehow.
A wedding is just a fun excuse for a few days of celebration, and I'd much rather focus on a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime and proves to be an everlasting source of joy and comfort.

Cynical, much?