Friday, 8 January 2016


I will carry my jewels with me
To the skies, when I leave.

These necklaces from the passionate throws
Of afternoons in the sun,
And these rings on my fingers
That outline each story
I have smiled at-
I shall wear them when I pass on
Into the nothingness.
And these diamonds that you gave me
Heavy with memories
And light with the sound of our laughter,
They shall sit on my earlobes
Like a queen on her throne,
And they will play the sound
Of you voice to me, when I so desire.
(And I always desire for you..)
These anklets that kiss my feet-
Soft kisses of a practiced lover-
Anchor me to this life
That we are building together;
For even the greatest of ships
Need solid grounding
To remember the port and to fear the seas.
I shall wear these bangles-
That pretend to be your hand
Holding onto mine,
Helping me cross busy streets,
Guiding me through turbulent times,
Celebrating our victories.

I will carry my jewels with me
To the skies, when I leave.
And when we meet next, you shall see
My necklaces, my rings,
My diamonds, my anklets,
And my bangles,
And you shall remember who I was,
Who I am, and who I shall always be
For you..

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