Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Simple Life Of A Know-It-All Writer

If I sat down to make a list of all the bad things in this world, it would probably end up being larger than the Great Wall of China; terrorism, wars, murders, rapes, fights, deceit, economic meltdowns, market crashes, natural calamities, epidemics, gender inequality, racial discrimination, religious intolerance- to name a few. Closer to my own simple life, I'd say daily mundanities like an angry boss, an insidious fever, a wanderlust that has remained unquenched for far too long, and a self-devised complacency that keeps me from being better than I currently am at what I do- these are the evils that I hide in my Pandora's box.
I find that we tend to ignore the answers to all our questions and the solutions to all our problems with a foolhardy determination; as if there is a special comfort we derive in knowing that there remains a task at hand, an enemy to conquer, a war to fight. Is it the process of tackling our issues the very quicksand that prolongs the problem in the first place, slowing us down and restraining us with arms of steel that keep us away for as long as possible from the peace and contentment that sits on the other side of that finish line?
As humans, do we sometimes create unnecessary walls that separate us from our goals and keep us from evolving into finer beings?
So many times when I look at my life and at the world around me in general, I find myself asking this question. My father has always said that this world tends to complicate matters merely for the sake of it, just so that there are longer forms to fill, more complex formulas to publish, more nonsensical laws to dictate, and more formalities to abide by. Do we do these things involuntarily due to some primitive form of cynicism that distrusts all things simple and believes complexity to be the guiding light towards becoming a more polished, intelligent species as a whole?
There is a quiet calmness in simplicity. Sometimes a mere yes, no or maybe can sound poetically beautiful and can soothe your mind like a remedial balm. Sometimes you must take your Pandora's box and hurl it into the ocean so you can be the best version of yourself.
Simplifying is so easy; every hurdle is a man-made construct and utterly destructible.
All we need to do perhaps is to take a step back, inhale nice and deep, and in my case- practice what I preach!

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