Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Love Song

I do not wish for you
On those salty summer mornings
When the sun bestows on us
The harshest whips of its heat,
Unrelenting and merciless.
I do not wish for you
On smoky winter nights
When my fingers choose to hide
Beneath layers of refuge
And are too afraid to explore
The skin and pores of
The man who reflects my echoes.
And on evenings that are flooded
With rain and with sourness,
I do not wish for you.

I wish for you only when
The days are fresh
And smell of pinewood,
When the sun is kind
And the winds are friendly,
When the evenings are like
Old friends you'd like to meet
At forgotten coffee shops,
And when the winter
Is, in fact, a happy shade
Of autumnal orange-
Ushering snowy whiteness
That shall wash away
All despondence.
I wish well for you, my love.

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