Saturday, 30 May 2015

Indian Summer

The past week turned out to be one laden with tedious drudgery and a relentless relay of mental gymnastics that has resulted in me feeling exhausted and grateful to have finally arrived on the merciful shores of the weekend. In fact, I suppose I could say so for the entire month that was.
I'm an autumn child; someone who enjoys the comfort of sunshine, cold winds, warm coffee mugs and crunchy leaves to step on. The heat and humidity brings out the worst in me- my temper flares up like a solar storm, there is verbal vomit that is almost always followed with regret and embarrassment. I've often considered the prospect of going into a solitary hibernation during the summer months; lying flat on my back in a cold vacuum chamber, with my eyes shut, seeing nothing, doing nothing, saying nothing, only to wake up and resume normal life when the ambient temperature is more hospitable to my flaky head.
However, to shift slightly away from the rather psychedelic ideas that my brain is home to, it just hit me how we begin the sixth month of the year on Monday. As I tend to do on any significant dates, I'm forced to introspect and analyze the past half year that flew by like a bullet from a blazing gun.
What have I achieved? What have I lost? Who did I hurt? How much did I love? What did I forget to do? Have I been a good person?
Ask yourself these questions, dear readers. And above all, ask yourself if this is who you wish to be for the next six months. 

I think if we train our brains well enough, we can establish an efficient heart-brain network and frankly, that's all we really need to make it through weeks such as the one that ends tonight. It's a wonderful blessing to have found true love, perfect friends, and a doting family, but if you are unsure of the person that you are, and if you depend on someone-anyone-for your primary source of peace and joy, then that's one thing that needs your urgent attention for the next half of 2015. Find your inner pool of happiness so you can share it with your loved ones and spread some light and laughter. Oh, and self-acceptance! Work on what you can improve, but before that, accept what you have and who you are.
I am weird, ditsy, supremely temperamental, possessive, insecure and underweight; but I am also honest, dedicated, loyal, optimistic, loving and well, I guess I'm a confident writer, if nothing else. So for every negative I house in this little body, there's an equally bright and shiny positive.
And this holds true for us all. I guess we just need to stop being so harsh and judgmental about our own selves to allow the positives in us to multiply in a happier, kinder environment.
I want to be a better person for the people that I love, so that's what I'm deciding to work on from the sultry month of June.
Meanwhile, let's keep our floppy hats on, any sticky make-up off, and thank the Lord for the greatest invention of our time- air-conditioning!

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