Thursday, 7 May 2015


In your dark eyes, you have shown me
The world as you see it, in sepia,
Black and white, and in technicolor,
Changing shape like a melting ice cube
Or a pouring thunder cloud.
Your lips have taken me to countries
And fed me luscious cuisines
From the peninsulas of solitude,
The plains of companionship,
From the mountains borne of our love-
I have tasted it all from those lips.
When they kiss the air and romance
My tongue,
I have heard stories you've never even told
Through a wrinkle here, a frown there,
A nervous twitch here, a grateful touch there.
When your skin flames up red and luminescent,
I have felt the temperature of our
Rising libidos, and our growing love.
I have felt the pain of distance,
I have heard the songs of missing,
And in your dark eyes I have seen
A shade of brown that hides from you
Only to come out of hiding
When I am the audience,
As if though, it knows who I am
And how much I love you.

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