Wednesday, 5 November 2014

An Unnecessary Hyperbole

I run on extremes.
There are no half measures in my book, there never have been, and there is no scope for changing that twenty-five years into this life. Specially because it's one of the few things I take pride in; being a passionate person about a few things is better than being someone who drags themselves into situations, surviving the day but never leaving behind a mark because they were too disinterested and cold.
When I laugh, I laugh like I'm high on nitrous. When I cry, it's like I have a clinical condition. When I love, it's all that I know how to do. And when I'm angry, you'd think that the whole world's anger is contained in one skull waiting to burst into flames.

Being a balanced human being is a desirable attribute, yes. But I'd rather be someone who is remembered for being fueled by the more visible shades of the rainbow than black and white; I am attracted to passionate humans unafraid of being opinionated and being recognized for who they are. And above all, I am attracted to honesty. There is nothing more charming and magnetic to me than a person who is truthful and unapologetic about displaying their love for something or someone. For anything or anyone.

I don't believe in mincing words, and I find that I am unable to do so for too long.
Say what you need to say today, and do what you want to do right away. You can't take this life for granted, because tomorrow might not come, and even if it does, there's always the possibility of it being a boring endless Monday, right? 


  1. this is perfect you!!
    However read the last few lines you are recommended to immediately do something thats long call call!!

  2. Rashi! Yes, I know. I must practice what I preach :P
    Expect my call this very evening!