Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Magnets And Ink

It stretches from the Arabian bends
Of your collar bone 
Over the mountainous terrain
Of that shoulder
You shrug, with such elegance,
As though it were a song
Set in motion by the movement 
Of a girdle...

It climbs down the olive skin
Of that back
On which you lie 
As I lay upon your solid being,
And we move in tandem
With our throbbing hearts
And ragged breath
To a song only we hear...

Black ink that carries

My name and yours,
Entwined into a perfect marriage
Of design and depth-
I stare at the tattoo,
Sated from your loving,
Your hand still in mine,
My name still on your lips,
Leaving them like a sparrow
That leaves its nest each morning
Only to return to it
Each night...

We always come back to each other...

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