Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Free Spirit

Teenage and early adulthood are cruel, harsh times when people tend to assume the best/worst about others, and lead lives dotted by extremes. There are no half measures, and I'm not saying that in a good way.
We tend to exaggerate shades of black and highlight shades of white, and that turns our life into a vaudeville show that will never be easy to forget. We either love hard or hate hard, there is never an in-between where you're simply okay with something in a nonchalant, casual, comfortable sort of way. There will seldom be people that you can merely tolerate; you will either wholeheartedly be in love with them or despise their very being.
These young adults tend to assume that relationships that form over these years are going to be evergreen and everlasting; that the people who enter your life during this phase will always be yours.
While that may hold true in several instances, we must disallow ourselves from falling prey to this loony concept. We do not own anyone.
Whether a person chooses to stay or leave is a conscious choice that they must make and stick to.
And once age catches up with you and you grow into an older, less hyperactive version of yourself and start appreciating the in-between shades of grey and the rest of the rainbow, you will see that it's okay to be alone and you will still feel grateful to have the people you still do.
You realize that while you do not own anyone, it's alright, because nobody owns you.
You are free and alive, and that is something to be grateful for!

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