Friday, 13 June 2014

Don't Even Bother

Sudden realization- I have become extremely intolerant and indifferent towards people in general. I've stopped making excuses for people and stopped giving anyone the benefit of doubt.
I feel that there is really no urgent need for us to be pretentiously fond of someone who belongs to an entirely different thought process and completely different values and ethics. It's so much better to be blunt and point blank instead of being sugar coated back-stabbers.
I know this sounds selfish and mean, and perhaps this is fueled by the maddening heat and humidity that's making me feel like a sponge oozing out boiling hot water. I'm spitting fire, in every sense of the term.
And I know that just like my mythological fire-spitting counterparts, I am meant to fly much higher than this current altitude. All those who wish to clip my wings, tie me down or restrict my flight are unwelcome and shall be hunted down.
The rest of you however, who encourage ambition, greater achievement, and hard work, and know the value of victory and success are welcome to join the party and fly along. You are welcome and your company is much appreciated and desired. I am so bored of meeting uninspiring John Doe's!

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