Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Animals Are Better

Why do people proudly proclaim rubbish that says that "humans are the only living beings capable of love and expression"?!
I have never heard of ants waging wars against other insects for being too slow. Or frogs trying to annihilate every salamander that dared to exist in its slimy avatar. Or owls murdering peacocks by the dozen for being too flamboyant. Or horses killing rats for spreading too many diseases.
I have, however, heard of Nazis killing Jews for simply being Jewish; Hindus and Muslims hating and hurting each other because of differences in beliefs and religion; Israelis and Palestinians shooting each other down over latitudes and longitudes that define a nation on a political map; Ukrainians and Crimeans burning down each other's homes; men and women being flogged and stoned in public squares for their choice of clothing or  for being too vocal about issues..

I respect people who practice what they preach.
Animals are so much better off than us humans in this regard. They do their own thing, and live their lives without interfering with nature.
Men and women, on the other hand, are dangerous creatures. They might be capable of "expression", but most of the time, the things they express are scary enough to make you want to run in the opposite direction and keep running until you hit the Indian Ocean.
And when it comes to love--if you want to see true love, come take a look at my cat and how protective she is around her babies. Nothing I have seen tops that.

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