Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It's Been A While

After a long year of working, traveling, writing, and eventually succumbing to stagnation and a blog-hacking, here I am, refreshed and refueled. I usually write my annual year-ending posts on the 31st of December each year, but in all senses of the term, my "year" ends in a few weeks.
The past half decade was spent taking tender/tiny/shaky steps into the world of medicine and dentistry while concurrently trying not to lose my sanity as I was overwhelmed by new life-experiences and encounters. Leaving Poona and moving back to Calcutta will be anything but easy, but unlike before, I am no longer afraid of change. Perhaps time does that to you. Or maybe it's an after-effect of stagnation.

Now, I want change! I want to move the hell on. Meet people who make me believe that life truly does have a lot of potential, and that I truly am meant to do big things with this life that I've been blessed with.
Ambition was never such an ally of mine, what with me being a lover of simplicity and peace. But suddenly I find that that's not all I love. I also love glitz and glamour and shiny new things which money can buy. I'm not a materialistic bimbo, but I have learned the hard way that to grab life by the balls and make things go your way, you need a voice, and the voice is only heard by those who matter when you speak through microphones of gold that your wallet allowed you to own and use.

I've met some amazing people over the past five years, and I've also met those who made me question the existence of humanity. Learning to love, and to live alone have probably been the biggest lessons I'm going to carry with my luggage when I leave this city.

What lies ahead in my life, I do not yet know, but I'm sure it's going to be worth it (yes, I know I sound optimistic to the point of being called juvenile sometimes, but that's one thing I refuse to let go of).

Right now, it's the movement that matters and concerns me. At whatever pace, but I must move forward.

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